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Frequently Asked Questions


What is your perspective on diagnosis?


Mental health diagnoses are different from medical diagnoses.  In psychology and psychiatry, most "diagnoses" are best considered a label that captures a constellation of co-occurring symptoms, versus a distinct condition that is a) separable from other conditions or b) genetically and/or biologically pre-determined.  In medicine, providers use empirical data to render a diagnosis to an individual person.  Whereas, in psychology and psychiatry, the reverse is true - a provider must know an an individual in order to render a "diagnosis."


What is your approach to therapy?


Please see Dr. Miller's description of his approach to psychotherapy and his clinical specialties on the Main Page.  Use the link below to return to the Main Page and scroll to the "Approach to Psychotherapy" section.  (If you are viewing on a mobile device, please refer to the full, PC-oriented version of this page.)


How long are appointments?


Standard psychotherapy sesssions are 53-60 minutes in length.  However, Dr. Miller does not end conversations abruptly and, thus, some sessions may go longer.  You will not be charged for "extra" or "additional" time.


Initial evaluations, conducted with all new clients, are 90-minutes in length.  This is a one-time preliminary appointment that takes place at the outset of treatment.  These evaluations may go longer than 90-minutes, but, again, you are not charged for "extra" or "additional" time.  Dr. Miller's first priority is a thorough and comprehensive understanding of you.


Will my insurance cover the fees?


Even though Dr. Miller is an out-of-network provider, over 87% of our clients use their insurance to cover the vast majority of our fees.  We will provide all of the documentation necessary for you to be successfully reimbursed by your insurance company.  In fact, our clients are typically reimbursed for 70-90% of our fees.


What are the rates / fees for appointments?


Rates depend on the following factors:


1)  The type of service requested:  Different services entail different fees.  For instance, psychotherapy, psychological evaluation, institutional / workplace consultations, and specialized assessments (e.g., intellectual functioning, personality assessment, etc.) each have their own rate.


2)  The client’s income:  We use a sliding fee scale for clients with financial limitations.


3)  The patient's geographic region:  We adjust fees to be commensurate with the median for equivalent services in the patient's nearest metropolitan area.


4)  American Psychological Services, LLC caps fees for clinical services at no more than $215/hour.  Fees will not exceed this cap, regardless of other factors, including those listed above.


How frequent are therapy sessions?


The frequency of psychotherapy sessions is tailored to your particular symptoms, your personal preferences, and your practical limitations.  Dr. Miller will provide treatment recommendations at the conclusion of your initial evaluation, which will include recommendations about the type and frequency of clinical services that would best suit your needs.  He prudently and conscientiously integrates clients' individual psychological statuses with the most applicable, relevant empirical research on treatment efficacy.  As such, Dr. Miller will ensure that you are well-equipped to make informed, confident, clinically-sound decisions regarding the frequency of appointments.  And, ultimately, the frequency of appointments is the client's decision. 


When do you conduct sessions and can you accommodate my schedule?


Our clientele typically have demanding, high-paced, and/or fluid schedules.  Thus, many are unable to meet during standard work hours, while others are unable to predict their schedules with much fore-warning.  As such, Dr. Miller conducts sessions during afternoon, evening, and nighttime hours, as well as on weekends.  Further, he will customize and modify your treatment routine as your responsibilities shift, even on short-notice.  And, Dr. Miller is licensed/certified to provide telehealth services throughout the country and beyond, making treatment possible even while a client is traveling.



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