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American Psychological Services, LLC will guide you through every phase of improving your team's psychological well-being and effectiveness.  We will: 1) help you to identify personnel struggling with mental health issues, 2) assist you in clarifying what those issues may be, 3) guide you in effective strategies for communicating with personnel about whom you are concerned, 4) advise you on appropriate services for them, and 5) provide continuous consultation and support as you make efforts to intervene, assist, and support your team.


A "Force Multiplier" is a person that increases the effectiveness of a team by bolstering the resilience of the team's members and amplifying their capabilities.  Dr. Miller deployed with the United States Marine Corps in Afghanistan, where he served as one of three clinical psychologists on the Combat Stress Team tasked with treating and supporting U.S. OEF personnel in Regional Command Southwest, Helmand Province.  He advised commanders and field-officers on mental health issues within their team, and he was charged with assessing the mental health statuses of warriors mental health statuses, as well as the occupational capabilities/limitations of the Marines, Sailors, and Soldiers throughout the region.  Dr. Miller also responded to mass casualty events at combat locations, as traumatic incidents and psychologically-stressful events unfolded.


While in garrison (i.e., at his "home" base), Dr. Miller routinely advised military commanders on the mental health status and fitness-for-duty of individual service members while embedded with infantry and seaboard units.  He performed innumerable evaluations of Sailors, Marines, and Soldiers over the course of his 12 years serving the United States military.  In addition to providing direct guidance regarding unit personnel's fitness for duty, he advised Commanders on optimal services for team members with psychological needs.  Dr. Miller also trained countless physicians, nurses, and other military hospital staff on assessment and effective intervention for personnel with mental health issues, especially depressive symptoms, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, relational problems, and other occupational struggles, in addition to their risk for suicide and violence.  In addition, he conducted evaluations of civilians, as well as service members, seeking security clearances or applying for specialized duties in sensitive locations or organizations.  Further, he conducted forensic evaluations of individuals in the military and civilian justice systems, including those in the Courts Martial and other disciplinary processes.  Dr. Miller also published his doctoral dissertation on strategies for assessing the suicide risk of service members within their occupational environments, as well proper follow-up and clinical interventions for those at elevated risk.


Dr. Miller's military role as a force multiplier is an extension of similar, long-standing endeavors in his civilian life.  For over a decade, he has provided mental health consultation to non-military government agencies, private law firms, financial institutions, hospitals, and academic institutions, in addition to the military commands with whom he served.  Vocationally, Dr. Miller is devoted to identifying the mental health needs of civilian adults, youth, students, and employees, and compassionately connecting those individuals with the best possible services for them.  His particular areas of expertise are:  1) identifying mental health issues among an organization's personnel, 2) developing strategies for effective intervention, and 3) connecting in-need personnel with the optimal mental health services for them, as well as 4) providing training and guidance on mental health issues to each level of a team's hierarchy.


Whether it be civilian or uniformed personnel, Dr. Miller is an expert in communicating with (and assisting) team members in a manner that is authentic and, most importantly, effective.  Furthermore, Dr. Miller will provide continuous follow-up consultation to leaders as their in-need personnel connect with the proper treatment and pivotal collateral services.  And, he will advise leaders on the evolving mental health statuses and occupational capabilities for personnel with whom they intervene and assist.


If you are interested in a consultation that may help you or your team, send an email to;  call or text 202-360-1754;  or, submit the Request Form available in the "Contact" section of our Main Page.



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